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As TEMA or Turkey España Machinery; we are a Turkish company operating in Turkey and Spain, supporting formulation studies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics and food sectors, supplying production and packaging equipment, and offering all the experience and technologies of our partners to your facilities in the age of industry 4.0.


Tema keeps its perspective wide to increase efficiency at every point of its work. It focuses on equipment quality and detailed Project management process for the efficiency of production, and open communication for the efficiency of this process. It analyzes the need well with the professional relations and technical experience it has established. It details the process from A to Z with project preparation and comprehensive proposal documents that include innovative and alternative solution proposals.

It establishes systems with durable equipment produced with the latest technology. It always makes a difference by standing by the customer with its fast and efficiency-oriented after-sales services. Tema is a long-term companion that enriches the equipment of the global brands it represents with value-added project design and after-sales services.

Our Process

The continuity of the process in which that equipment is used is as important as the right equipment for success. That’s why we are by your side with different support solutions that we offer at every stage of the process.

Our aim

Increasing the efficiency of local pharmaceutical manufacturers.


Increasing efficiency in pharmaceutical production through quality equipment, accurate design and comprehensive training.


Contributing to the establishment of an effective domestic pharmaceutical industry with high-efficiency production.

Our Values

We rely on our values ​​to realize TEMA’s vision, mission and therefore its purpose of existence.

Our references

Companies whose success we contributed to