Pharmatech Case Study Ispray External Lubrication System

The Challenge:

Punch sticking, hardness stability, and high ejection force are among major problems encountered with tablet manufacturing process. This causes downtime in production and sometimes tablet defects.

Extensive tests were carried out with the iSpray – the external lubrication system from Pharma Technology as well as with another “well-known” supplier to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system to solve the 4 common problems regularly encountered:

  • Sticking issue & speed improvement
  • Uncontrolled flow of lubricant in the press
  • Lubricant soiling of the tablet press
  • Inconsistency of content & hardness

The Setup:

A tablet press was equipped alternatively with the 2 types of external lubrication system:

iSpray – external lubrication system with following features:

  • Volumetric dosing screw
  • Precise lubricant calibration process controlled via a CFR21 part 11 compliant software
  • TWO in ONE High-Tech nozzle (Spraying / Vacuum)
  • In-built patented Coax vacuum technology with HEPA 13 filter
  • Continuous pressure monitoring
  • Pressure monitoring and unclogging of the air filter when necessary
  • Backup line in case of failure on lubricant feeding line

Comparative equipment – external lubrication system with following features:

  • Gravimetric dosing
  • External vacuum cleaner

The Results:

1°/Effect of the regularity of lubricant dosing on the tablet press ejection force

🡪 Very constant ejection force

🡪 Strong disturbance of the ejection force

2°/ Vacuuming of the exceed lubricant / dirtiness of the press / inconsistency in content & hardness


  • Lubricant is sprayed homogeneously and atomized
  • No risk of recirculation of agglomerates thanks to  the nozzle design and high under pressure COAX  technology

Constant dosing & constant hardness

Compared equipment


  • Lubricant is not sprayed homogeneously and accumulates/recirculates around the die table
  • High risk of recirculation in the press feeder even with a good vacuum stream

Variable dosing & variability in hardness

3°/Benefit of the back-up line system (Not available on compared machine)


    *Graphic shows a 3 second lubricant stop

🡪 Ensures a continuous process

In Summary:

The iSpray demonstrates clear advantages over existing technology. This advanced external lubrication system allows precise application of dry lubricant to the upper – lower punch tips and die wall.  The result is that a very sticky granulation can be produced continuously, without any picking or sticking, and with lower ejection force.  The iSpray technology opens the door to the production of formulations that contains little or no lubricant in the blend. The dosing and vacuum system of the iSpray is far superior to the compared equipment.

Do you want to learn more about iSpray External Lubrication System ?  iSpray – External tablet lubrication system | Pharmatec


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