A solution that can save lives

Source Therapy with injectables (such as cytostatics, hormone preparations, neurological drugs, other special injectables) promises patients significantly improved chances of recovery. Doctors inject the active ingredient as a sterile liquid solution. Systems from Waldner play an important role in its

temacons 29 February 2024
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Protect your workers and products hazardous powder handling applications, toxic vapours.

Provide a clean, contained environment for your workers and products

temacons 14 August 2023
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Investigating the Impact of Process Variables in Formulation Development

Discover how Caleva extrusion and spheronization equipment supported a university

temacons 27 July 2023
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Milk has always played an important role for Waldner. The

temacons 27 April 2023
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This month marks the 25th anniversary of Anton Waldner's death.

temacons 27 April 2023

CUB-20 Rapid Near Infrared Inspection of tablets & capsules

The new CUB-20 inspection machine from Pharma Technology was launched in April 2021 and provides comprehensive, non-destructive prediction of the API fraction in tablets or capsules.

temacons 7 April 2023
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Yellow Gold – New Plants For Drug Production From Blood

Valuable drugs can be made from blood plasma. The German Biotest corporation expands their production capacity with new plants – and part of them has been supplied by WALDNER.

temacons 30 December 2022
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What is Autoclave?

Autoclave is the equipment that performs sterilization at a specified temperature suitable for the process in an environment saturated with pressurized water vapor.

temacons 20 October 2022
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Key Considerations In Multilayer Tableting

Multilayer tablets deliver a combination of therapeutic payloads in a single dosage form. An added advantage is that the API contained in each layer of the tablet can be designed to have different release profiles.

temacons 22 July 2022
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Extrusion technology and choosing the right extruder

Extrusion technology can be used for pellet production. It is widely used in many different industries such as pharmaceuticals, ceramics, catalysts, food and cosmetics.

temacons 21 June 2022
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IHolland Case Study – Why you need to get your timing right to make better tablets

Producing quality tablets quickly is a priority in modern tablet production, it is therefore important to implement proficient methods to achieve this.

temacons 25 June 2021
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Caleva Case Study – Caleva Study on the Importance of Granulation

Our customer, a major pharmaceutical, biotech & nutraceutical manufacturer with an extensive portfolio of products. For reasons of confidentiality we do not name them.

temacons 27 April 2021
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Pharmatech Case Study Ispray External Lubrication System

The iSpray technology opens the door to the production of formulations that contains little or no lubricant in the blend.

temacons 27 April 2021
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IHolland Case Study – Tablet production – 5 common problems solved

Here are the five most common problems experienced by tablet manufacturers.

temacons 24 February 2021
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IHolland Case Study – Why is automated punch polishing more effective than manual polishing

If carried out correctly, good polishing can help prolong the life of tablet compression tooling

temacons 10 February 2021
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