A solution that can save lives

Source Therapy with injectables (such as cytostatics, hormone preparations, neurological drugs, other special injectables) promises patients significantly improved chances of recovery. Doctors inject the active ingredient as a sterile liquid solution. Systems from Waldner play an important role in its production. About half a million people in Germany are diagnosed with cancer every year. Due […]

Protect your workers and products hazardous powder handling applications, toxic vapours.

Provide a clean, contained environment for your workers and products with a downflow containment booth from Envair. Ideal for protection from hazardous powder handling applications, toxic vapours, industrial processes involving hazardous dust shedding and for eliminating problems of cross-contamination. Our range of booths are designed for dispensing, weighing and sampling fine powders including speciality chemicals, […]

Investigating the Impact of Process Variables in Formulation Development

Discover how Caleva extrusion and spheronization equipment supported a university master’s student in his scientific breakthrough, resulting in his publication in a recognised industry journal. Whether used as a teaching aid or within a R&D laboratory, Caleva lab scale extruders and spheronizers support scientists and students around the world to achieve scientific breakthroughs in a […]


Milk has always played an important role for Waldner. The former company director Anton Waldner came up with many ideas for the white gold from Allgäu. Today, we will be talking about one of his quirky ideas. A glimpse into the history of Waldner, which still exists today. For generations in Wangen, it was indispensable: […]

What is Autoclave?

Otoklav Nedir?

Autoclave is the equipment that performs sterilization at a specified temperature suitable for the process in an environment saturated with pressurized water vapor.

How targeted therapies are fuelling a growing demand for containment and cleanrooms

Mark Arnold , MD of ONFAB, part of Envair Technology looks at how precision medicine is fuelling a growing demand for containment and cleanroom services. Targeted therapies in the fields of oncology, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are proving to be one of the most exciting areas of modern medicine. Doctors are now able to prescribe […]

Key Considerations In Multilayer Tableting

Multilayer tablets deliver a combination of therapeutic payloads in a single dosage form. An added advantage is that the API contained in each layer of the tablet can be designed to have different release profiles.