Protect your workers and products hazardous powder handling applications, toxic vapours.

Provide a clean, contained environment for your workers and products with a downflow containment booth from Envair. Ideal for protection from hazardous powder handling applications, toxic vapours, industrial processes involving hazardous dust shedding and for eliminating problems of cross-contamination.

Our range of booths are designed for dispensing, weighing and sampling fine powders including speciality chemicals, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, food additives and colour pigments, as well as the handling and sampling of volatile liquids such as fragrances.

Achieve guaranteed containment levels of <100μg/m³ with an option to lower to <10μg/m³ if required, plus unidirectional downflow velocity of 0.45m/s at the filter face.

Models to meet the requirements of ATEX hazardous environments are also available – please contact us for details.

Key Features

  • Protect workers and products when handling fine powders and volatile liquids
  • Free-standing, floor mounted or ceiling mounted models available in a range of standard modular sizes
  • Safe change fine dust and HEPA filtration as standard with pre-filter upgrade available
  • Choice of terminal downflow HEPA filtration or PLF screens
  • Robust, easy-to-clean panel construction from powder coated Zintec, 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel
  • Recirculating airflow for powder handling applications or single pass airflow for hazardous solvent or vapour processes
  • Energy efficient design using EC fan and LED lighting, with noise levels <75dBa
  • Hazardous (ATEX) and non-hazardous area electrical upgrades available
  • Push button interface and magnehelic gauge display as standard
  • Upgrade the control display to include alarm conditions, filter blockages and standby mode running condition
  • Customisable internal fixtures including: electrical services, containment screens, mobile workbenches, pallet stop rails, PIR motion sensor, transparent sidewalls and additional ancillary drum tipping and lifting equipment
  • Optional materials and personnel airlocks with rapid roller door and leaf hinge doors
  • Optional cooling coil system for consistent internal temperature control


A solution that can save lives

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