IHolland Case Study – Why you need to get your timing right to make better tablets

Temacons, Haberler, iHolland

Need to mass-produce tablets with quality solid dosage in a quick and cost-effective way? The time that a formulation is under compression is one area you should address through the use of innovative tablet tooling. Compaction plays an important role in the quality of the final tablet. In order to produce tablets from granule or […]

Caleva Case Study – Caleva Study on the Importance of Granulation

Our customer, a major pharmaceutical, biotech & nutraceutical manufacturer with an extensive portfolio of products. For reasons of confidentiality we do not name them. One of our Production Extruder & Spheronizer Systems for manufacturing on a large-scale was used in trials by the manufacturer, but the pellets produced were not acceptable. As the product was […]

Pharmatech Case Study Ispray External Lubrication System

The Challenge: Punch sticking, hardness stability, and high ejection force are among major problems encountered with tablet manufacturing process. This causes downtime in production and sometimes tablet defects. Extensive tests were carried out with the iSpray – the external lubrication system from Pharma Technology as well as with another “well-known” supplier to demonstrate the effectiveness […]

IHolland Case Study – Tablet production – 5 common problems solved

Temacons, Haberler, iHolland

Tablet tooling is subjected to a highly demanding process and this everyday use can lead to a number of problems during manufacture. I Holland has developed answers to all tablet tooling problems by supporting tablet manufacturers with simple solutions to combat daily issues. Here are the five most common problems experienced by tablet manufacturers. 1. […]