Key Considerations In Multilayer Tableting

What is the purpose of multi-layer tablet printing? What are the advantages? Multilayer tablets deliver a combination of therapeutic payloads in a single dosage form. An added advantage is that the API contained in each layer of the tablet can be designed to have different release profiles. The manufacturing of multilayer tablets is, however, more […]

We Attended The Vitafoods 2022 Exhibition In Geneva

We attended the Vitafoods exhibition in Geneva on May 10 – 12, where we gained valuable insights about the global nutraceutical industry. We had the pleasure of meeting our customers at our Pharmactive Biotech Products booth, which we proudly represent in Turkey and learned the latest global trends. It was a pleasure to meet you […]

Click to attend Virtual Pharma Expo

We invite you to the Virtual Pharma Expo, which will be held on February 22-23, to watch the presentations of Diosna, a granulation and fluid bed specialist, and SENSUM, which produces with advanced technology, automatic visual control systems for the control of tablets & capsules & soft gels. Click to Register

PharmaTalks 2021

At our PharmaTalks2021 event titled “New Technologies to Maximize Quality and Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Innovative Ingredients to Improve Human Health”, 9 different experts shared new technologies to maximize quality and efficiency in the production process, and introduced botanical extracts that improve human health. We would like to thank you, our esteemed guests, who […]

CPhI 2021 Milano – Sensum

Sensum is in the finals at the 2021 Awards – Excellence in Pharma: Digital Innovation, which will be held on November 9th! The CPhI Pharma awards recognize the innovation and dedication of companies and individuals who drive the pharmaceutical industry forward; celebrates researchers and creators who are pushing the industry forward with their innovations, technologies […]

IHolland Case Study – Why you need to get your timing right to make better tablets

Need to mass-produce tablets with quality solid dosage in a quick and cost-effective way? The time that a formulation is under compression is one area you should address through the use of innovative tablet tooling. Compaction plays an important role in the quality of the final tablet. In order to produce tablets from granule or […]

Caleva Case Study – Caleva Study on the Importance of Granulation

Our customer, a major pharmaceutical, biotech & nutraceutical manufacturer with an extensive portfolio of products. For reasons of confidentiality we do not name them. One of our Production Extruder & Spheronizer Systems for manufacturing on a large-scale was used in trials by the manufacturer, but the pellets produced were not acceptable. As the product was […]