EnviroFALK PharmaWaterSystems EnviroFALK PharmaWaterSystems delivers safe water treatment solutions with advanced technology for all pharmaceutical and high-purity applications. Over 40 years of experience guarantee process reliability in pharmaceuticals, biotech, life sciences, microelectronics and a wide range of high-end applications. EnviroFALK plans tailor-made and turnkey systems for pharmaceutical water and ultra-pure steam of the highest quality […]


Regenhu By combining multiple printing technologies in a single 3D bioprinting process, from cell suspensions to thermoplastic and biomaterial printing, we offer versatile and fully customizable bioprinting platforms for our customers’ application needs. It is possible to use a single plantrfom to create models of human skin printing, personalized drugs, and cellular drug discovery. Regenhu […]


Pruess Pruess GmbH has 40 years of experience in plant engineering and extraction technology and has implemented numerous projects for the pharmaceutical and food industry focusing on thermal process engineering. The challenges faced by pharmaceutical and food companies in the production of medicines or foods such as tea or oilseed are well known to Pruess […]


Matachana Matachana, a family-owned company with 60 years of experience, 4 production sites in Europe and operations in over 120 countries. World leader in the manufacture of steam sterilization equipment, different low temperature sterilization technologies, washing and thermodisinfection equipment, provides comprehensive solutions for the Healthcare, Life Science and Pharma sectors. Matachana R+D+i departments design and […]

ICT Filtration

ICT Filtration With its mission to help the industry become more competitive and at the same time environmentally friendly, ICT Filtration has been creating, designing and manufacturing filtration solutions to control particle release and contamination since 1985. It offers high-quality, efficient professional solutions tailored to the needs of companies across five continents and in all […]


Nikka Densok Nikka Densok is one of the first manufacturers of inspection machines in the pharmaceutical industry to use alternating current in leakage control technology. The Pinhole Inspectors are designed for non-destructive testing of a wide variety of pharmaceutical and food packages, including glass, plastic and flexible packaging, containing an electrically conductive solution. The high-voltage […]


https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=tlCs3fj3umg PHARMACTIVE BIOTECH PRODUCTS Pharmactive Biotech Products produces botanical extracts for food supplements. Its aim is to contribute to human health, both physically and mentally. It follows every step of production with high-quality standards and standardizes the extracts it produces to useful biomolecules. It bases its raw materials on clinical studies, scientific and technical knowledge. […]


Heino Ilsemann Founded in Bremen in 1965, Heino Ilsemann manufactures complete packaging lines in accordance with GMP. Heino Ilsemann machines are used for tablet, capsule, ampoule, bottle, syringe, cartridge blistering and box packaging. HEINO ILSEMANN Equipment Group Full-line integrated systems Blica 600 – blister and cartoning Blistering machines Boxing machines Foil wrapping machines Wrapping machines […]


CSV Life Science Established in 1998, CSV Life Science prepares GMP compliant turnkey factories for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and vaccine industries. CSV, which prepares the lowest operating cost with optimum design, offers concept, basic design and detailed engineering activities and installation consultancy services. It has a factory design philosophy that can be updated with the […]


Colanar Colanar is a specialist in liquid filling machines and automatic filling systems for use in small and medium-sized pharmaceutical and biotechnological production. Colanar stands out in sterile liquid filling with its high-precision rotary piston and peristaltic pumps developed for use in filling applications. COLANAR Equipment Group Syringe plunger instertion machine Benchtop crimp capping unit […]